2017 ng-conf here we go, again!

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2017 ng-conf here we go, again!

Next week we are heading to the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend the ng-conf: the world’s best AngularJS conference!


We are super proud to be sponsoring and taking part of ng-conf once again!

Last year we had the opportunity of talking with developers and managers of the Angular team, open-source technologies’ leaders, and people who, like us, wanted to be up-to-date with the latest tendencies and exchange experiences. It was a great experience and we expect it to be even greater this year!

The event will start with these two promising sessions on the morning of April 5th: I am One with Angular, Angular is One with Me by John Papa and Mad Science with the Angular compiler by Minko Gechev.

If you can’t make it to Utah this year, remember you can watch ng-conf sessions live online or virtually attend the whole event by signing up for a local ng-conf extended event where you meet with peers and watch the the sessions online via a live stream link.

If you can’t make it in real time, don’t panic! All the talks will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube within a few minutes of their ending. We will also be sharing our top takeaways from Angular’s ng-conf 2017, a recap of the most important topics! Stay tuned!

If you want to recall the most important discussions that took place in ng-conf 2016 and get ready for the next edition, you can take a look at our post about last year’s conference.


Post update!

Find out our insights about ng-conf 2017 in this blog post. You will find a great material about Angular over there!




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