Picking the right mobile development partner

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Picking the right mobile development partner

Team up with UruIT to achieve your mobile development project

Looking for some help in your mobile development project? In UruIT our designers and mobile developers are ready to share their experience developing mobile applications – give them an idea and they will turn it into reality through user-centered design and high level code!


The mobile development process

Our native applications are developed using Java or Swift for specific platforms; we also use C# and Xamarin in combination with Zeplin to build cross-platform apps. Using the best mobile development practices and collaborative platforms we can save time from the start through the entire project.

We often decide to develop mobile apps using Xamarin Forms, because it gives us the ability to create shared user interfaces and logic across platforms. Together with Zeplin we are able to gather all necessary design data and assets to create our application’s views and. Also, it’s a valuable communication channel between the developer and the designer.

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Clients trust our approach throughout the entire process because we rely on Agile development practices, using short development iterations called “sprints” to quickly adapt to our client’s changing needs. In order to do this, we work in self-organized, multidisciplinary teams that follow similar patterns in each sprint (Planning, Retro, Dailies and others).

Besides Agile development, we promote and live the DevOps culture which fosters continuous integration. Continuous integration enables us to obtain a tested and ready-to-go application within minutes after making new changes. Currently, we use HockeyApp for delivery and error reports. At the same time, we use feedback and crash reports to have continuous inputs. The idea is to improve and fix what is necessary at an early stage.

In fact, right now we are working on a very interesting mobile development project. It’s an app that combines golf and technology to offer a high-tech experience for sports lovers.


Case Study: Realitee Golf

Realitee Golf is a new, innovative project launching on the market. It provides a unique golfing experience by combining simulation golf with real golf played on the greens within its facilities.

Players have an app that allows them to play a virtual version of the sport. But they also have the possibility of using the app to play the real game in one of the startup’s golf greens: it helps them to find their hole, activate a light indicating where to position the ball, add or modify shots, create or receive invitations to be part of different groups, play with other people, etc.

At first, the application was created for Smartwatches. Then its founders decided to extend their market reach by launching a mobile version, offering users the chance to engage in the game directly from their own mobile phones.


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Realitee Golf’s CTO, Anthony Prechtl, discovered in UruIT the partner they needed who could rewrite the application and make it available for Android phones first, and iPhone, later. 



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You can find out more about our experience developing mobile and web application in our Nearshore Staffing page!

Would you like to discuss your ideas for a mobile development project? Let’s schedule a meeting and talk about it. We bet we are the team you are looking for!

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Sebastian Cabrera

Sebastian Cabrera

Sebastian has +7 years of experience in the IT field, working mostly in software development with Microsoft technologies and +3 years of experience applying agile methodologies. In the last two years, he has been focused on mobile development, using Sencha Touch, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android. During his last projects he has been involved with Mobile DevOps in order to be able to cover all aspects of apps delivery life cycles.

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