Meet UruIT in NYC and LA to clear your doubts about outsourcing

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Meet UruIT in NYC and LA to clear your doubts about outsourcing

Let’s have a coffee and find out everything there is to know about outsourcing


Got doubts about outsourcing? From June 12th – 29th we will be in LA and NYC to meet with you and discuss how you can make software outsourcing successful.

Find us in downtown LA or in Santa Monica attending the TECHSPO event from June 12th to 16th. You can also meet us in San Jose during Velocity on June 21st and 22nd. Otherwise, you can join us in NYC for coffee during the QCon any day from June 26th to 29th!


doubts about outsourcing

doubts about outsourcing

3 reasons to meet us: your doubts about outsourcing

If you find yourself asking any of this questions, we should meet!


“I’ve never outsourced. How can I be sure it works?”

If you hear “outsourcing” and it makes you feel uneasy, our conversation can make you feel a lot more confident about the idea. We’ve been down the road for over 10 years providing nearshore outsourcing services for US companies and we would love to explain to you how we make it work.


“I have a new project. Should I outsource it or do it in-house?”

Outsourcing often solves problem such as tackling difficult projects, talent shortages or budget issues. For over 10 years we have been building long-term partnerships with US companies, providing dedicated teams that build an entire product or work as part of their in-house team to do so.


“I’ve done outsourcing before, but I’ haven’t been too lucky. How can I find the right partner?”

It’s important to do your homework before starting an outsourcing alliance. Researching locations, time-zones, developers’ capabilities, technical interviews, engaging in a trial project, among others, are important requirements you need to check among the possible providers. Therefore, we will share with you our way of approaching a new engagement by focusing on the product, having clear roles and responsibilities and using effective tools and techniques that we have found to be fundamental for success.


What do you say? Contact us and let’s meet for a coffee:



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