Machine Learning book: The next generation in software development

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Machine Learning book: The next generation in software development

Prepare your business for the impact of Smart Applications

Smart Applications is a buzzword getting thrown around more and more. Machine Learning is already present in our every-day life! Companies of all different sizes and across various industries are launching intelligent systems and applications everyday, and we are all curious about it. In fact, your clients, teams or investors are probably already asking you when you’ll start being a part of it.


But how familiar are you with this concept?

What are the possible use cases of Smart Apps in your business?

Us at UruIT, a software development company, are facing the same eagerness and excitement towards Smart Apps! But we’re also sharing similar doubts about AI implementation. To develop our knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and other related topics like Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we are encouraging our developers to explore these topics further. Waldemar López, one of our Senior Engineers, is currently working on his master thesis and is covering some incredible topics in this area. Recently, we decided to engage in a project to share his expertise via an eBook, which is available for download here.


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Introduction to Machine Learning book: its impact for Executives

Get to know our insights about Smart Applications and the opportunity they offer to any company and industry. In this eBook, you will learn the most important concepts and definitions around AI, Machine Learning and recommended systems, as well as a variety of business cases. Finally, we will review the available tools in the market. Our goal is to help you pick the right solution for your business needs. Rest assured: smart applications and artificial intelligence are not as difficult to apply as they seem. So it’s just a matter of knowing where to start.


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