Top outsourcing questions to connect with future partners

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Top outsourcing questions to connect with future partners

Our top outsourcing questions to know our clients and assess if we have what it takes to work together

At UruIT we put a lot of effort into our first touch point with potential clients to answer some important questions. If things go well and the feeling’s mutual, it’s the first step for incredible relationships and teamwork.

But… is it that simple to connect in these first meetings? No, it’s not. During a first contact everyone is new to each other. There’s a lot to find out before deciding if there’s a real business opportunity there or not.

After several experiences, we have set up a step-by-step process with our top outsourcing questions and they allow us to know our possible clients to find out together if there exists a good fit.


1st step: Online questionnaire

Our first step when we obtain a new contact, especially people who come to us through our online channels, is to the person a simple questionnaire. Our goal is to have more information about the potential client and with this questionnaire we intend to find out basic information about the company. In resume, we ask about its location, industry, existing products, previous experience with outsourcing (if any) and current needs.

We aim to discover what this company is looking for in a software development partner. Also, if we may be the right fit for them. In order to create sustainable relationships, our capabilities should match their expectations regarding technology, expertise, working methodology, budget options and more. These are some of the questions you can find in our online survey:


  1. Do you have experience with outsourcing? If yes, how was it?
  2. What kind of software development company are you looking for?
  3. What capacities do you require? I.E. UX, UI Design, Programming, Project Management, Testing, etc.
  4. Have you worked with Agile methodologies? If not, are you open to start working with it?
  5. Are you looking for a long term partnership?


2nd step: Scoping Meeting

Once we have the general information based on the questionnaire, we already know the potential client a bit better. The next step in this case is to set up a meeting, that can be virtual or face to face – like the ones we do during our trips to the US. From the questionnaire we have already gathered some insights of what the company is looking for. Now, it’s time to identify exactly in which areas we can work together.

Nowadays, we offer two different services: we provide Nearshore Staffing for companies who are looking for developers to complement their in-house teams; and we also provide End-to-End Development, where we set a dedicated team to develop the whole application for the client, including UX-UI and Product Owner roles.

In the case that the potential client has the right profile for Full Cycle Development, we feel the need to ask more detailed questions. That’s because we need to understand better the product’s current state and requirements: if it’s an existing digital product or a brand new application; if it’s based on a sustainable business model; if there’s already user feedback; and finally, how we can work together to make sure it’s successful. Take a look at some of the questions we do in these cases:


  1. How was your business created? What is it like today?
  2. What is your app idea? How mature is it?
  3. What problem does this application solve for the users?
  4. Do you have active users right now? Is it possible to have the users’ feedback about the app?
  5. How do you imagine the team that is going to develop this product?
  6. What are you looking for in an external provider?
  7. Are you up to travel and know our headquarters?


Answering your top outsourcing questions

The information we collect with those questions is very important to shape multidisciplinary teams and meet the client’s needs. The meeting itself is an interesting exchange space and we strive to not only learn but also provide value to the person on the other side of the screen. By that, I mean we organize our scoping calls so the potential client can leave with actionable advice and insights, even if we don’t continue the relationship in the future.

We strive to create a friendly environment and conduct the meeting as a conversation. The other party should feel comfortable and even amused. It’s a space to collect information and we make sure to eliminate any doubts on our side or theirs, to find out if we can advance together or not. Hopefully, the answers will be satisfying for both sides and we can move on!

If you are would like to know more about our scoping process and how we set the teams who will lead these conversations, take a look at this other blog post. Also, feel free to contact us and let’s find out if there’s a business opportunity to explore together!

top outsourcing questions

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Marcelo Martinez

Marcelo Martinez

Marcelo has been building great development teams in UruIT for the last 9 years and is constantly looking for the best talent out there. He promotes an Agile culture and works with teams and clients improving the way they work together in order to deliver great solutions and products. With over 14 years of experience in the Industry, Marcelo holds a MBA degree and a BS in computer science.

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