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We don’t just build apps, we craft them for outcome, not output. Agile and the latest technologies are our weapons of choice!

We have been developing web and mobile apps since 2007—and we’ve invested in developed expertise in every aspect of the software development process. We've built a team of highly-trained developers and we're proud to be both English-fluent and experienced Agile experts.

Mature Agile Team

We believe in people, interactions, collaboration, responding to change, and delivering working, quality software. This is the Agile manifesto, but it’s also our ethos.

Always ready to learn

We’re professionals who are eager to learn and grow. To do so, we are actively involved in technical communities of practice.
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Our process

Every project is unique and change is constant. That’s why communication and adaptability are hardwired into our process.

Here is a hint of how we do it.



  • You define the vision. We translate it into a workable roadmap
  • Our talented Product Owners travel as needed to improve mutual understanding of the business needs


  • Our experts partner with you and the product owner to ensure goals are achieved and the plan executed
  • Videoconferencing plus Fluent English mean you can follow up with anyone on the team


  • Feedback is not only welcomed, it is necessary
  • We deliver fully functional pieces of software in each increment of your product, allowing you to validate for any plan adjustment before building the following

To choose our teammates, we use a thorough recruiting process based on recommendations and technical tests.

Teams decide how and who to work with, thus promoting a shared understanding of the core values of our company.

  • Adrian Claveri Adrián Claveri Web Developer Heisenberg is alive
  • Agustina Jorcin Agustina Jorcín IT Recruiter Chocolate and travel lover
  • Agustina Secco Agustina Secco Web Developer Horse rider and artist
  • Alejandro Morales Alejandro Morales Practice Manager Runner, soccer player and frisky dad
  • Alejandro Ochoa Alejandro Ochoa People Care Champion Survival Horror Gamer
  • Ana Jorcín Ana Jorcín Marketing Manager Books and jelly beans lover
  • Andrea Ubilla Andrea Ubilla People Care Champion The Mentalist
  • Andrés Baez Andrés Baez Web Developer Table-soccer Guru
  • Andrés Baez Andrés Perri CRM Development Consultant Uruguayan National team's #1 fan
  • Bruno Hartmann Bruno Hartmann Web Developer Nacional's biggest fan
  • Camila Giménez Camila Giménez Product Owner Compulsive Popcorn Eater
  • Carloluis Rodríguez Carloluis Rodríguez Web Developer Maths Lover
  • Daniel Frascarelli Daniel Frascarelli Web Developer Devout wine taster and bookaholic
  • David Sttivend David Sttivend Web Developer Cycling Gamer
  • Edwin Barrera Edwin Barrera Web Developer The coca cola fan boy
  • Esperanza García Esperanza García UX Designer Geeky Whovian / Kendoka
  • Fabian Lewkowicz Fabián Lewkowicz Web Developer Born to be a ping-pong player
  • Gastón Lassalt Gastón Lassalt Web Developer Circus lover
  • Gonzalo Barbitta Gonzalo Barbitta Web Developer Addicted to the beach
  • Gonzalo Wasczuk Gonzalo Wasczuk Web Developer Natural poker player
  • Gustavo Clemente Gustavo Clemente Web Developer Urban cyclist and IPA drinker
  • Hugo Morillo Hugo Morillo CRM Senior Consultant Iron chef & Goodfella
  • Iang Yim Iang Yim Co-founder/ CTO Guitar Master
  • Ignacio Jorcin Ignacio Jorcín Scrum Master Sailing and windsurfing enthusiast
  • Joaquin Sosa Joaquín Sosa Web Developer Passionate surfer
  • Juan Gabriel Slinger Juan Gabriel Slinger Web Developer Sports addict
  • Juan Pablo Turielli Juan Pablo Turielli CRM Specialist Soccer fan
  • Marcelo Leonetti Marcelo Leonetti Product Owner Crazy about Peñarol
  • Marcelo López Marcelo López Co-founder/ CEO Craft beer Taster
  • Marcelo Martínez Marcelo Martínez COO Spicy sauce fanatic
  • María José Sanguinetti María José Sanguinetti Lead UX Designer 90% happy 10% polyester
  • Martín Ferrerira Martín Ferreira Technical Lead Video games samurai
  • Martin Mari Martín Mari Agile Manager Massive PostITs consumer
  • Mathias Braga Mathias Braga Web Developer French fries addict (with ketchup!)
  • Matias Delgado Matías Delgado Web Technical Lead Professional backpacker
  • Matias Gutierrez Matías Gutiérrez Web Developer Jack of all trades
  • Mauricio Repetto Mauricio Repetto BI Developer Sports and fruit shakes specialist
  • Milton Rodríguez Milton Rodríguez Web, Mobile Developer Super dad
  • Nicolas Rosado Nicolas Rosado Software Tester Daenerys Targaryen's #1 supporter
  • Pablo Gonzalez Pablo Gonzalez Web Developer Netflix's soul mate
  • Pablo Guillén Pablo Guillén Web Developer Cinemaphile
  • Pablo Peralta Pablo Peralta CRM MVP Member of starfleet academy
  • Rodrigo Rivera Rodrigo Rivera Web Developer Amateur soccer cups organizer
  • Santiago Bermudez Santiago Bermudez Web Developer Real soccer fan!
  • Santiago González Santiago González Financial Administrator Mad about procedures
  • Santiago González Santiago González IT Manager The wirehands man
  • Santiago Mussio Santiago Mussio Web Developer The Viking
  • Sebastián Cabrera Sebastián Cabrera Web, Mobile Developer Ping-pong buff
  • Sebastián Delgado Sebastián Delgado Product Owner Coffeholic candidate
  • Sebastián Hernandez Sebastián Hernandez Web Developer Awesome shower singer
  • Sebastián Pereira Sebastián Pereira Web Developer Soccer addict
  • Sebastián Pereira Sebastián Pereira Web Developer Tech & Murga, please
  • Sebastián Rodríguez Sebastián Rodríguez Web Technical Lead Tech fanatic and Netflix series binger
  • Shirley Ojeda Shirley Ojeda Sparkling Office Master Marc Anthony Fan
  • Tania Berjis Tania Berjis Executive Uruassistant Wannabe Vegetarian
  • Victor Píriz Víctor Píriz Web Developer Salsa dancer
  • Victoria Lavella Victoria Lavella Web Developer Coffee drinker - Beatles believer
  • Viviana Roviello Viviana Roviello Account Manager Foodie Lover
  • Waldemar López Waldemar López Web Developer Devoted Netflix series watcher
  • Wilmer Alcivar Wilmer Alcivar CRM solution Architect Salsa Dancer

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