End-to-End web & mobile app development

Our dedicated team manages the full cycle development of your app

An engaged team of UX/UI designers, product owners, Scrum Masters and senior engineers will help you launch your next app by working as your software development team, bringing in our skills, know-how and years of hands-on experience in product development.
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Our team will work closely with you to build a product and help you to achieve your business goals.

We get involved at different stages of the project depending on your needs, whether you are ready to move into development or if you just have an idea.
Agile Certified Professionals
  • Making smart decisions based on an Incremental Development approach, Agile methodologies and User Centered Design.
  • Testing our designs and interact with real users.
  • Running heuristic evaluations and user interviews.
  • Designing wireframes and mockups.
  • Using feedback to find the best way to build the solution.
Agile Certified Professionals
  • A multi-disciplinary team works very integrated and collaboratively, within the team and with you.
  • The Proxy Product Owner defines and prioritizes your project according to your business goals.
  • Our UX/UI designers make sure you build a product that makes sense for your users.
  • Engineers develop prioritized features and make frequent releases to ensure we deliver validated and valuable software as early as possible.
Agile Certified Professionals
  • We combine onsite visits with remote development from a close time zone.
  • Our development centers are located in the best outsourcing spots in South America.
  • Real time communication and culture alignment.
  • The best outcome at a fraction of the onshore cost.
This is what you can expect:
Agile Certified Professionals
A dedicated team working closely and only with you
Agile Certified Professionals
Weekly planning and review meetings
Agile Certified Professionals
Daily Checkpoints
Agile Certified Professionals
Iterative, incremental development
Agile Certified Professionals
Weekly Demos & frequent release
Agile Certified Professionals
Full access to the source code
Agile Certified Professionals
Automated build and deployment, code review, unit testing
Agile Certified Professionals
Onsite work, we are used to traveling and receiving visits
More about our Culture & Process
Full stack knowledge to build and support your product. We master the latest front-end and back-end technologies:

You can expect our team to have experience building complex applications like multi-tenant SaaS, matching algorithms applying machine learning and Geolocation apps used by large-scale enterprises worldwide.

Hands on experience in a variety of industries including real estate, marketing, telecommunications, sports, and education.

Whether you are thinking of a native app or cross-platform development, we are ready to help.

We know what it takes to build high quality native consumer apps that run smooth, fast and deliver a brilliant, consistent brand experience at every touch point.

From the design, build and testing to publishing a reliable app on the market.


A great option for enterprise apps, you can get the best of both worlds for cost effective app development.

We’ve delivered intuitive, high performant, sustainable B2C and internal business apps for partners in the social, media, healthcare and entertainment industries.

We have been the software development team of choice for Fortune 500 companies and startups for over 10 years, launching game-changing web and mobile products.

Together with Worksoft, the leading global provider of automation software, we transformed and upgraded their digital experience, making even more powerful products. The decision intelligence company, Gongos, chose us to elevate their web platform to a higher standard, enabling it to easily scale to handle a million users.

"I chose UruIT because of their long list of well-known clients including many professional US sports teams. When choosing to outsource, you don’t always know what you’re getting, but that extra reassurance was all I needed."
CTO, Realitee Golf
"I was impressed by the caliber of the technical talent."
Principal, Piquant Software
"UruIT is set apart by the quality of their people"
Senior Director, Technology at Gongos
"They have an Agile, creative, and customer-focused approach."
CTO, Xcelligent
"Excellent. Perfect. More than satisfactory"
Managing Partner, Boutique IT Firm
"UruIT is very interested in grasping the business problem and providing a custom solution."
Head of Technology, Market Research Firm